Comprehensive Rehabilitation Therapy

Comprehensive rehabilitation therapy services are one part of our multidisciplinary program, which also offers medication management, biofeedback therapy and rehabilitation counseling. Rehabilitation therapy in our clinic offers patients the ability to achieve functional restoration in a guided and structured environment. This goal is achieved by offering patients an individualized rehabilitation program to meet their specific needs. The majority of patients we see in our clinic have had physical therapy services in the past. This therapy is often unsuccessful because it only addresses the physical impairments keeping the patients from increasing their activities of daily living and returning to work. Our goal is work recovery and increased function through rehabilitation and education aimed to identify, address and resolve barriers inhibiting return to work and functional restoration

This goal is met through a comprehensive rehabilitation program consisting of physical conditioning, body mechanics assessment and pain management education. Physical conditioning consists of flexibility, strengthening and stabilization exercises; lifting education and training; as well as endurance training to increase a patient’s stamina for return to work. A body mechanics assessment is performed to address postural and ergonomical factors that might be causing repetitive stress and hindering return to work. The most important part of the rehabilitation process is the pain management education offered throughout the course of treatment. Patients are able to increase their function by using the pacing skills; hurt vs harm concepts and flare-up plan they are taught in our clinic.

Our rehabilitation therapy department specializes in treating complex patients who often have chronic pain syndrome and myofascial pain. We also treat acute musculoskeletal injuries as well as offer post-procedural rehabilitation. Our post procedural protocols include, but are not limited to: cervical and lumbar epidural injections, selective nerve blocks, facet blocks, sacroiliac joint block, trigger point injections, IDETs, nucleoplasties, vertebreoplasties, radiofrequency treatments, anterior cervical fusions and lumbar fusions.


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