Challenge Program

MISSION STATEMENT: Our mission is to provide coordinated, comprehensive rehabilitation to individuals suffering chronic pain syndrome. A functional restoration model addressing physical deconditioning, body mechanics, pain behaviors, inappropriate medication use, psychological and social factors inhibiting recovery is employed. This is in contrast to the palliative measures that have been proven ineffective in restoring normal functioning in this patient population.


  • Increase strength, endurance, mobility, and flexibility through appropriate exercises.
  • Decrease the patient's dependence on the healthcare system by teaching appropriate self-care strategies.
  • Decrease or eliminate the use of narcotic pain medications.
  • Address the patient's fears of pain and re-injury, and to teach appropriate coping strategies.
  • Enable the patient to move on with their life by returning to work, or other appropriate activities and leaving the Workers Compensation system.
  • Decrease depression and anxiety by use of appropriate medications and instruction in effective coping strategies.
  • Increase the patient's capacity to be independent in their activities of daily living.
  • To educate the patient in effective pain management concepts and skills.
  • To encourage the patient to take more responsibility and accountability for managing their pain.


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