Workers Compensation Patient Program

Dr. Kornfield and his staff work closely with the Workers Compensation patient, their adjuster and case manager if assigned, to assist in appropriate case movement. Our treatment team meets each week (Tuesday and Thursday mornings) to discuss the progress of each patient, address any issues that have become apparent that may be impacting the patient's ability to improve and to review the treatment plan for any changes and/or additions that may be needed. The adjuster and case manager are welcome to attend any of the team conferences by contacting the Workers Compensation Coordinator (x 204) to schedule. The adjuster and Case Manager will also receive a detailed Team Conference staffing note after each review by fax. The Workers Compensation Coordinator is available for questions and the discussion of any concerns, requests for authorizations for treatment and specific patient needs. Dr. Kornfield is in the clinic daily so she will be able to talk with him any time his input is needed to help with the patient issues. Please feel free to contact her at ext 204 any time.

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